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Our firm which has been serving in the elevator industry since 1995, had started its works by producing semi-automatic landing doors, passenger cabins and freight elevator cabins. In 2002, it started to pruduce all-automatic
landing and cabin doors. In a short time, our firm demonstrated perfectlly its position in this industury, with quality politic and qualified services that focus on consumer.

Imported and domestic package lifts and seamless manufacturing of a satisfied customer portfolio in domestic and overseas sales has paved. Our company successfully presents products to the UK, Romania, Iran and Saudi Arabia, especially to the Turkic Republics, and continues to improve its quality and customer satisfaction with each passing day.


Providing customer-focused service, producing durable long-lasting products in terms of quality and service life


Continue on the path by increasing quality and customer satisfaction with each passing day


When entering a new year, we continue to advance by strengthening our sector in the sector with the brand name of NEW GENERATION DOOR – GND LIFT.

" Elevator Our Work "

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GND LIFT - New Generation Door

The fact that the buildings are multi-storied due to the growing population and the compatibility with the development plan increases the importance of the elevator. For this reason, both in the construction phase of the buildings as well as in the maintenance and repair phase afterwards, they should work with the right companies, contract with the good companies and pay attention to cost-benefit analysis. In such a vital subject, the subcontracted companies entrusted with human beings must be meticulously selected, and a reference evaluation criterion for making companionship with strong companies.